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M. K. Morse products are manufactured in Canton, Ohio, in one of the industry’s most advanced production facilities.  The facility has undergone several expansions over the years as they developed their unique integrated manufacturing approach that helps M. K. Morse ship most orders for standard stock products within 24 hours. 

  Morse Service

Once our blades are made, M. K. Morse’s primary focus is ensuring anyone doing business with us is supported at the highest level possible. Our inside-out approach features an expert internal team paired with a dedicated global technical team. M. K. Morse is known for their responsiveness, reliable delivery, quality products, and no-nonsense business approach. Having only the highest levels of service and support remains our daily commitment.

Morse Quality

M. K. Morse makes saw blades for professionals. They make blades that last longer, cut smoother and do every conceivable cutting job. They make them for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, industrial manufacturers, steel service centers, and anyone who uses cutting tools. M. K. Morse continually invests in better research and development, better manufacturing processes, better raw materials and better warehousing facilities. The result is a wide-ranging product line that offers professionals blades that work better and last longer.

Allegheny Tool & Supply offers M. K. Morse's full line of Industrial Saw Blades and Power Tool Accessories for applications in Metalworking, Fabrication, Automotive, MRO, Steel Service Centers, Trades and even Fire & Rescue.

Below are many of M. K. Morse's Popular Products to chose from, however M. K. Morse and Allegheny Tool & Supply can get you the correct blade for your job.  If you cannot find the exact blade you are looking for, please fill out the form at the bottom of the webpage that has a couple quick questions and submit it to AT&S so we can help find exactly what you need.

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